Thecrossfireministries hacked

Die Seite wurde soeben von einem Member des Kollektivs Anonymous gehackt. Dies war der veröffentlichte Grund:

‚religious idiocy and foh dah lulz‘

Dies war die Nachricht auf der gehackten Website:

Greetings fellow pirates, hey there religionfags! Guess what? U dun goofed! We rm’d you and your gods and saints neither’t protected you nor casted some awesome thunderbolt onto us. Let us be clear from the start: any kind of religion is a sickness to this world. A sickness that creates hate and intollerance, a sickness that brings people to wage war on their fellow people, a sickness that has come to this world long time ago, when mankind wasn’t educated, a sickness that brought false hope and surpression to those who believed and often even more terror and surpression to those who dared not to believe. Religions are authoritarian hierarchies, designed to dominate your free will. Religions are mind control. They’re power structures that aim to convince you to give away your power for the benefit of those who enjoy dominating people. When you subscribe to a religion, you enroll in a mindless minion training program. Religions don’t market themselves as such, but this is essentially how they operate. In case you ever wondered why religious teachings are invariably mysterious, confusing, and incongruent? This is no accident — it’s intentional. We see religion pretty much the same way as we see many governments. Fearmongering and making lots of money, so a small group of ppl will become insanely rich, while the believing masses can eat dirt. As long as they are afraid that „omgomg god will come and strike great vengeance upon me“ all is good. To quote Encyclopedia Dramatica (bringing you answers to life, the universe and everything since last Thursday) on this issue: »Religion is a severe mental illness created over 9000 years ago, at the same time as the Earth. Since then, religion has been one of the biggest sources of drama, faggotry, and unwarranted self-importance in the world today, secondary only to the internet. It is responsible for such insanity as Christfags believing that beating someone half to death with a 2,000 year old book will heal them and Muslims believing that if they blow themselves up they will get 72 virgins. Even atheists are not immune to the psychotomimetic effects of religion; the mere mention of religion is enough to send any atheist into hours of butthurt shitfits.« So people of the world, don’t let religion control your life. Don’t fight against each other for contrary beliefs. This world and our life can be a wonderful adventure, where you have the unique chance to help mankind and your fellow citizens. Where we can all work together to make this earth a better place for ourselves, our children and all those generations who will come after us. ^(;,;)^

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2 Antworten zu Thecrossfireministries hacked

  1. Arne schreibt:

    Beachtenswerter Blogpost.Ich habe einige frische Gedankenanstoesse bekommen. Freue mich schon auf weitere Posts.

  2. Michael schreibt:

    Gefaellt mir sehr der Blog. Schone Themenwahl.

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